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Book Review : About a Boy Who Felt Caught In Between The World of Black and White

Title : Map Of The Invisible World
Author : Tash Aw
Pages : 554
First Publish : 2009
Price : Rp 84.500
Where to Get : Gramendia, Social Agency, any book store

This novel took set in Indonesia during the after-proclamation era, even it's written by Malaysian author who lives in London. The story has a beautiful strand, yet makes us feel smarting sometimes to imagine what happened to the characters. When Adam, a 16 years old teenager lost Karl, his foster father, he tried to find him back and traced Karl's past. His observation through Karl's old photographs and diary led him to meet Margareth.

Margareth, a middle age smart woman, who worked as a lecturer in Indonesia found a boy in a tattered white Berkeley t-shirt fell asleep on her terrace one day. Just after Bill, gave her a snippet from local newspapers that dragged her in Adam's search for his father.

Din, a 20-something years old man, worked as Margareth's assistance. Smart young man, with a secret he kept inside. His desire to create a revolution for his country. No matter what the price.

With the help of Margareth, Bill and Mick, Adam went on his journey to find Karl. In his way, he met Z, a girl from the student association who helped him out too. Adam got to face his past and the devil inside of Din, who tried to dragged him into big trouble. Could he ever get over his nightmares that were haunting him since the day Karl took him home from the orphanage? And his void inside by the absence of his brother, Johan.

Grew up in Adam's shoes wasn't an easy case. He didn't know where he came from, and people around judge him by his complexion. Sometimes, he really wished he had curly hair and hard jaw with dark complexion like the most kids in Nusa Perdo, where he lived with Karl. All this time, Adam thought Karl hid something from him. His life before Karl. As he tried to discovered what's inside Karl's blackbox, he found something that's surprised him. There was no secret!

Even though Aw wrote a really good story, I think there's some point in there that needs to be notice. The figure of Bill, CIA agent in Indonesia, who caught up the comunist, was said only to helped Indonesia to be able stand on its own feet. No interest of the USA's goverment to interfered the country's life. I think there's must be proof first about that, so people won't get the wrong picture. But of course, I couldn't put the book down, before I finish it. I was so curious about what would happen next to Adam and Karl.

Happy reading everyone :P

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