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To Kill a Mockingbird novel through the time

This book's titled To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer winning novel and a very well-known one all over the world. Written by Harper Lee and published for the first time in 1960, this book still getting re-printed every single year from time to time. This is my favorite book so far. I read it for the first time in 2005. Quite late to discovered this great book, since it's been existed since 1960's. But better be late than not knowing at all, right??

This book was set in an early 1900's about American people lives. The story went on Finch family, as Atticus Finch had to defend a nigger from a rape accusation that he didn't commit. The problem occured when some people in their small town got angry because Atticus Finch took his brain and heart to help Tom, the nigger. At the time Lee wrote this novel, the issue about the hatred for nigger among white American was really sensitive.

Atticus decision to put his hand on this case also affected the lives of his 2 children, Jem and Scout. Little Scout used to ask her father, why he did he had to take the case and endanger their lives from the hatred and streotype people around them might harm them. For Scout her father was such a fool to did something he absolutely would suffer loose. But Atticus, a wise and noble man, taught his children in a very gentle way all parents could've ever seen that it's something worth to fought for. We didn't need an excuse such as what your complexion is, to save a life, or even to shed a smile to each other.

What impress me the most about this novel is Lee's thought at that very time. She really put it toghether. Integrity to tell people about the matter to respect each other. Loving, giving, holding hands, without preaching the readers. This book contains lots of value we can reflect in our everyday live. Love this book, and I highly recommended it to all of you.

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