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And Here I Go....

I never intrested before in writing a blog until like few months ago, but I didn't make time for it. Some time last year, in one of my college subject of On Line Media, my professor gave my mind a thought. In that class every student had to make a blog to post their news. I'm a communication student majoring in journalism. I do love to write, but since college i never really write anything. And just like I mention before, a few months ago I really thought about having a blog so I won't forget to write. But I didn't really give it a serious thought. So now I think it's the time. To have my own space where I can write what I want to write and share my thoughts and keep a memory of what happen in my life. so anyday, I can trace back to what I post and remember things I forgot. and maybe re-remember the lesson that I got.

And hope that I can stick to write.... ;p
Okay then...

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